Luminous sculptures

When looking at Ivo Oblijan’s objects, each of which was uniquely made, one discovers handcrafted luminous sculptures of great aesthetic quality. The subtlety of their maker’s message results in their interacting with their surroundings in deep and complex ways.

By playing with light and scattering shades around, the sculptures create a sensation of touch and a sense of the spirituality of place; they suggest volume and then further sculpt this volume with the structures newly created by the interplay of light patterns. Even when they are unlit, these objects give their viewer access to the deep associative language of their maker by their explicit sculptural nature. Suggestive names such as Nefertiti, Femme, Vegas or Frida complete the message which the object conveys. Ivo Oblijan creates his sculptures with an awareness of environmental issues: no trees are cut down, no metal is melted. Rather, in a true artist’s gesture, with a true craftsman’s deftness, he recycles waste materials and gives them a new lease of luminous life.

Professor Romana Tekic, Ruzic Gallery,
Slavonski Brod, Croatia